75 9th Avenue,
Chelsea Place Entrance

New York, NY 10011

September 16th

New York - NY


100 Seats

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  • La Idea

    Turn your great idea into a concrete actionable project.
  • El Execution

    Time to plan! Where to start, tools to use, next steps, follow up.
  • El Prototype

    How to build your first Minimum Viable Product.
    Engineers - MVP
  • El Market

    Understanding your target. The good, the bad and the ugly about your market. Where and how to find it.
  • El Testing

    When to start User Testing. Best approaches, best tools, best way to collect results, best way to analyze and act.
  • El Team

    Marrying your co-founders. Understanding what you have and what you need. Flirt smart and set ! clear expectations.
  • El Deck

    What's in the Deck? Best & Worst examples. Bring your own and make it perfect on the fly.
  • La Grana

    How much do you need? How much will you make? How long will it take you?
    Understanding valuation, forecast in plain and simple terms. Bring your budget!
  • El Hunt

    You're ready! so now what? Learn where and how to connect with investors. Angels, VCs, Corporations.
  • El Launch

    Going live can be one of the most difficult steps for an entrepreneur. When done right, it can be the setup to organic success. Learn how to set the right stage for your launch.
  • El Traction

    How do you attract your target audience. Where to grab them, how to retain them, how to turn them into your best evangelizers.
  • El Pivot

    When to pivot. How to manage the team in the process. Signs to watch for.
  • Ideas Contest

    Brainstorm best ideas. Come up with your own idea. Vote on the best idea.
  • El Team

    The 5 best ideas can form their own teams.
    What does a team need. What does a team build. What does a team earn!
  • El Plan

    Teams build their plans. Dream high: Problem/Solution, Who, What, How, Projection
    Each facilitator will manage his team.
  • El Demo

    Prepare to demo your work. You've seen the Pitch competition. Now it’s your turn.
    Each facilitator will manage his team.


Latino 2.0 aims to reduce that gap by accelarating Latino Tech startups through:

  • Showcasing and galvanizing exisiting Latina/ o entrepreneurs, angels, VCs, others in the current ecosystem
  • Education and Empowerment of the global Latino community about tech entrepreneurship
  • Ensure that the top U.S. Venture Capitalists bring Latina/ o/ s to the table
  • Facilitate a platform where founders can find the resources they need to move from an idea to the launch
  • Build the Pipeline by attracting, inspiring and mentoring Latino High School Students into Tech entrepreneurships
  • Create an opportunity fund where Latinos in Tech Startups can apply for seed funding to get prototype stage and ready for funding


From Tech Consumers To Tech Leaders

Latino(a)s over index in social media, mobile technology consumption However less than 2% of V.C. funding is going to Latino(a) founders.


Memories from Latino2 in Mountain View

Join the Latino Tech Familia!

Here you'll find your next mentor, your next investor, your next co-founder or your next mentee.

For sure, you'll find a familia that is there to support and advocate on your behalf.

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Comissioner Jessica Rosenworcel

Tanya Menendez

William Crowder


Bertha Lewis

Alex Diaz Asper

David Rose


Diego Antista

Diego Vasquez

Felix Ortiz


Harlyn Pacheco

Julie Diaz Asper

Oscar Torres


Salvador Maldonado

Timothy Gladden

Yscaira Jimenez